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1. How secure is your service? Is it safe if I release my account name and password to you?

At dvdj, we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously. All staff members hold a profession standard in our service provided. We have developed strict policies to guarantee our customer's privacy. The only person can access your information is our teamleader. Once the order are completed, We will advise you that the service has been completed and that you can change your password as a precaution


2. Are there discounts for large orders?

YES.  Please contact us via email peter@dvdj.com


3. Should I contact you for trade once I make the order successfully?

Once we received your order, we will send you an email to notify you(please leave an email because this is the only way to contact you). You could wait for our email as well for trade notification. Usually, we need arrange the delivery with order queue. Thus please kindly allow us some time to prepare for you till we notify you for trade via email.

If you still haven’t got the goods, please contact LIVECHAT or info@dvdj.com


4. How long does delivery take?

This is a most concerned question. If your order is in stock we can usually deliver within 30 minutes. deliveries can occasionally take up to 90 minutes or longer however depending on order volumes and game server traffic. And for large orders and also the orders of high demand servers and game , we suggest you check the stock on our live chat before you place the order in order to have a quick delivery. We hope every customer can have a quick and safe delivery and a good impression on our service.


5. Is it safe to buy gold? Is your gold legal?

Yes. All of our in-game currency is 100% handwork by our gold supplier team. We would never allow using cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other third-party software to farm illegal gold for selling.

6. Your Live Chat is on but you are not responding. What's wrong?

Sometimes our Customer Sevice Reprsentatives are all busy dealing with every customers' problems, and could not respond you in short time, please bear with us. We will respond to you as soon as possible. You may also email your Inquiries to info@dvdj.com