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It's been a fantastic experience as the site is having live customer support which is rare for any gaming product site.I'll definitely buying my R6 credits from them again!
2018-10-11, 09-17-54 PST
I ordered 150k credits for a For Honor account and it all came without a problem. They are very reliable and I will definitely buy from their site again.
2018-10-10, 03-22-18 PST
This site never failed me. I would recommend this site and vouch for it. Delivery time ia fast. I wouldn't trust any other site! I'm speaking from experience here. 100% recommend !!
2018-10-09, 17-23-25 PST
I have used this site many times and every time IV had a fantastic experience and friendly service, and best of all very quick delivery of my purchase 10/10 would definitely recommend
2018-10-09, 15-21-16 PST
I've bought from this company twice now and I received the goods both times within 10 minutes. Site is nice and they give alot of free discounts while they are already cheaper than ingame.
2018-10-07, 16-26-53 PST
I'm always hesitant when using these services, but dvdj was excellent! They provide great customer service, live chat support, and super fast delivery! I'll be ordering from them again in the future.
2018-10-06, 07-44-16 PST
So far the best transaction and speedy process. Something that should be considered is to always be mindful of who's loyal. We all have a part in this. Great service overall!!
2018-10-05, 15-36-16 PST
Definitely like the very quick delivery, and yes my friends will be in touch... Thank you again
2018-10-01, 13-20-14 PST
Im satisisfied with your services your website was easy to navigate .
2018-09-28, 10-11-26 PST
Thank you for your professional help. If I need to buy gold in the future I'll be coming back here. :)
2018-09-27, 17-18-34 PST