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For Honor Credits —— Giovanni Scielzo

I ordered 150k credits for a For Honor account and it all came without a problem. 

They have 24-hour assistance and are very quick to respond just in case. 

They are very reliable and I will definitely buy from their site again.

After I contacted them for my purchase… —— S P Λ C E

After I contacted them for my purchase they were super helpful and quick in their 

delivery! At first i wast sure but its definitely legit! Thanks guy!

Awesome service, very fast and reliable!! —— Jeffrey Wong

Awesome experience! I had my doubts at first but the service was flawless as well 

as customer support. You just gain a new loyal customer! I will definitely 

recommend you to buy from this site


● We need to log in your Uplay account to process the trade.

● Please provide your Uplay account login Email and Password correctly, Especially pay more attention on Caps and Lower case spelling. Dont make Spelling mistake at password.

● If you are using STEAM client, please follow the steps in the chart to get your Uplay Account.


● Close your Uplay until you receive an email informing you transaction is complete.

●Delivery time: Pacific Standard Time(PST) 9:00 PM--11:00 AM. If you buy not in the time range, we will deliver to you at 9:00 PM

● Only Support Platform PC.