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1. How it works?

In order for us to deliver your MUT coins, you will first need to list ANY rated player on the auction house for the buy now price of the amount of coins you want to purchase.

This is the way it works:

1) List a player on your Console for the BUY NOW price amount of coins you want to purchase on your OWN Madden Ultimate Team account. 

2) Head over to dvdj.com, choose your platform (Xbox one, PS4) and select the amount of coins you want to purchase.

3) Follow the instructions provided, fill in your player details and click "Checkout".

4) Check-out and enter your payment details to place your order for the coins.

5) Once we receive your order, we will purchase your player within 5 minutes.

6) Your player has been bought, and your coins have been delivered. Enjoy!

2. Why buy from us?

As we have been selling for 4 years+ we know exactly what you expect from us. 

A fast delivery (within minutes) via our reliable delivery system.

A fast and responsive customer service team 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The cheapest prices.

A fast and secure checkout - via PayPal or all major cards

We are one of the most experienced and trusted coin sellers in the market.

3. Are you a trusted service?

We have been in the coin industry and are experienced coin sellers for over 4 years and have delivered to thousands of customers. 

We are also advertised by many known Madden Youtubers and twitch streamers, so you know you can trust us in providing you with the best services.

4. Are you secure? 

Security and privacy of our customers is our top priority - so you can rest assured that our encrypted site will keep you both safe and secure. We also never store any credit/debit card details as payments are all handled by Shopify and PayPal. 

5. Why are you offline on live chat? Can I still purchase coins? 

If we are not online, it does not mean we are not delivering your coins. As soon as we receive your order, it is delivered within a few minutes due to our reliable new and improved delivery system.  We deliver coins 7 days a week, 24 hours a day within minutes, so you can purchase coins from us at any time and anywhere. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@dvdj.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

6. Are you in stock?

We ONLY sell coins to our customers if coins are in stock. We believe in providing our customers with instant delivery and no further delays, so you can be completely confident when purchasing MUT coins from us. We are ALWAYS in stock, without fail.

7. When will I receive my coins if I buy coins from you?

We only sell Madden Ultimate Team coins when in stock and we delivery coins, 7 days a week 24 hours every day through our improved delivery system, this means we deliver coins within 5 minutes after purchase as long as you have correctly followed the steps required and have sent us the correct player details. PLEASE make sure you have listed your player for 24 hours to avoid further delays.

8. Where are my coins? I have not received them?

There might be many reasons why this might have occurred. Sometimes it could be due to the EA servers, there might have been a delay in delivering your coins; however, this is rarely the case. But, not to worry! You will receive your coins 100%, just send us your order number and contact us via live chat or email info@dvdj.com

9. What are the most likely reasons my coins have not been sent?

- Please make sure your payment has been processed and that we have received your payment. You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you have processed the payment to your email address entered at checkout.

- You have ordered on the wrong console/platform. Please select the correct console when ordering your coins from us.

- You have not listed a player on the MUT/Madden mobile transfer market for us to buy. For us to send your coins, you must have a player listed on the Transfer market for us to buy.

- You have listed your player with an open bid instead of a Buy Now price. If you list with an open bid, we cannot complete your order. Please ensure your player is listed with a Buy Now price for the amount of coins you have purchased.

- The EA Servers may be offline. If the EA Servers are offline, we will not be able to complete any of the orders. You do not need to contact us on this occasion, your order will be completed as soon as the Servers are back online. Please list your player for 24 hours to avoid delay.

10. The EA Servers are Down – What Now?

From time to time EA’s servers do go down for maintenance which causes the transfer market to go down. As a result of our dependency on them being online, we will be unable to sell or buy MUT coins from our users until they’re back up.

11. Do you sponsor?

Yes, please contact us via email to peter@dvdj.com.