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Pick and roll should be your go-to play

It's one of the oldest plays in the book and also one of the most effective in 2K20. To execute a pick and roll, hold LB (or L1 on PS4) and wait until your teammate moves into the position between you and the nearest defender. Your teammate's pick should open up some space for you to run into and make a drive toward the basket. Pick and rolls are easy to run, don't take a lot of time off the shot clock, and are great for creating space between you and a stifling defense.


Manage your AP in MyGM

MyGM now gives you a limited number of AP, or action points, per day. Just about everything you do in the mode costs AP, including playing games, chatting with players and changing staff. This new change to the beloved game mode is sure to upset some players, but you can alleviate any frustration by being smart about how you use your Action Points. We recommend mixing it up -- talk to players and coaches to keep their morale up and only play games against tougher opponents.


Optimize your MyCareer player

Your first assignment in 2K20's MyCareer story mode is to create a player. This is a complicated but important task that requires some research if you want to make the very best player.


First, you'll need to decide a player's position. This is entirely up to you. Of course, if you like shooting from the outside, then chose a shooting guard or point guard. If you prefer rebounding and dunking then go with a center.


Next, match the skills breakdown pie chart with your player's position. For example, shooting and point guards should select the chart with the most shooting, play-making and finishing attributes.


From there, you'll need to choose a physical profile. Again, you'll want to match that profile with the position of your player. So if you're a point guard, go short and light, and if you're a center, go tall, strong and heavy. All of these decisions will determine how many points you can allocate toward your player's skills categories.


Once you make it to the "Set your potential" screen, you'll be given a certain amount of upgrade points to allocate toward different skills. We recommend maxing out the Shooting and Finishing categories for shooting guards, while giving some Playmaking points to points guards. Centers will want to spend most of their points in the Defense/Rebounding category. Power forwards and small forwards are the most versatile players, and, therefore, should be given balanced attributes.


Know your players

When you take a 3-pointer, make sure it's with Steph Curry and not Kevon Looney. Conversely, Looney gives you a better chance at winning a rebound than Curry, so make sure the big man is in the paint after every shot.  


The bottom line is this: 2K20 is a simulator, which means it mimicks real life, so know your players and use that knowledge to your advantage on the court. If you don't watch a lot of NBA, then spend some time looking at 2K20's comprehensive player stats to determine each of your player's strengths and weaknesses.


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