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Jan-25-2019 Tag:HOW TO BUY NBA 2K19 MT

Most time we always deliver your order within 5 min-5 hours, but some orders met some problem we have to delay it.

For customers, they always have a question, why we purchased but we still not get the MT.

There are several reasons:

● There is a same player card with you put in the auction house, so the delivery man doesn't know which one is yours. So I advise you can put a random number of start price. If you find you haven't get the MT long time later, please go to find our livechat or twitter account.

 If we are too busy at that time, so we didn't buy your card instantly. Then your cards were expired in the auction house, we can't find it. So we have no way to buy it. To ensure that Duration Auction as accurate as possible, the best time is greater than 24 hours. If you find your cards already expired, please send your player cards details or screenshot to our livechat or twitter account. 

● If you buy more than 100K MT at one time. The NBA 2K19 auction house one card max buyout is 100K. You need put more cards in the auction house. If you buy 500K you need put 5 cards in the auction house. But in the order table you only can put one card detail, so we don't know the other details. If you want to buy more than 100K MT, please contact the livechat or twitter account after you purchased.

Why we have different way to solve your problems?

The different method have different benefits. For the livechat, they are 24/7 online support, every time you can find them in the site.

But they are too busy so sometimes the cannot reply you immediately. If you are urgent, the best choice is our twitter account, they always can reply you instantly, but it's not 24/7 online. Twitter online 17:00-02:00 (PST Time) If you feel free at that time, welcome to find the help at our twitter account @DVDJCOM

We will give you the best shopping experience.

There are some picture of our twitter account service.

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