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Feb-26-2019 Tag:buy apex legends coins

Just like the Battle Royale in Fortnite or the Battle Pass in PUBG, Apex Legends announced that it will soon introduce a mode Battle Pass to the game to shake the battle royale genre to its core. So far, not many details on Battle Royale have been revealed out yet. However, if you’ve played other battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG, you must be familiar with the concept of a Battle Pass. Here are all the latest updates we’ve already know about Battle Royale in Apex Legends.

Battle Pass in Apex Legends   

Like competitors such as Fortnite, Apex Legends also has a battle pass system coming in its first season, which starts in March. The first four seasons are already in the works according to the Apex Legends year one roadmap, each of which will each usher in new challenges, cosmetics, legends, and items. Every season in Apex Legends will last for three months, which means that season one will end in June. Every new season is confirmed to introduce new weapons, legends, and loot, along with a new battle pass each time.

When does the season one Apex Legends battle pass release?   

Although Respown hasn’t confirmed the official release date of battle pass season one, we expect that Apex Legends will commence at some point early in March, and an update on this front may come very soon.

How much will the Apex Legends battle pass cost?   

No price has been announced for the Apex Legends season one battle pass. Still, according to some data miners, it seems that there will be a free Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass and a premium variant, a Diamond Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass. Since Respawn has teased that the Battle Pass will contain “around 100 different rewards” across each season, even high price is also worthy of it.

What will the Apex Legends battle pass contain?   

So far, we’ve had no word on how the battle pass in Apex Legends works yet. However, like Fortnite, the Apex Legends battle pass also features a wide range of cosmetic items from player icons to skins and menu music. Respawn’s Apex Legends FAQ says that its battle pass will also contain “around 100 different rewards”. In addition, you are able to unlock Apex Packs which contains various cosmetic items by participating in the Battle Pass programme. If you wanna buy more cosmetics for your legends, come and buy Cheap Apex Legends Coins at dvdj.com. Our items are definitely safe and the cheapest online.  So, have a try.   

Seasons are planned to last for approximately three months, giving invested players plenty of time to maximize their rewards from the game. Maybe some of you are wondering if you don't manage to acquire certain items during a Season, it there a chance to obtain them in an off-season. Well, we don’t know about it yet. Once it’s confirmed, we’ll be the first one to inform you about this. So, stay tuned for our website: dvdj.com.

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