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How to buy MT on DVDJ.com

A simple way to purchase MT

1. Open our website: https://www.dvdj.com/nba-2k-19 and make a purchase.(After you purchased, you would receive an email from DVDJ and get the order number. Please send it to us and also check your Spam in case you miss our email.)


2. You need to put your player cards on the auction house and set the period time to 24 hours, to make sure we can buy your card correctly, please change the Current Bid to a special number, such as 25800, then contact us and send the complete info of your players, (we suggest you send us the picture in auction house, so we can buy find them easily.) Please send us the player card pic to us or DM our livechat.

Twitter:https://twitter.com/DVDJCOM or Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/DVDJCOM/



NBA 2K19 Trade Attention

In order to ensure the delivery speed of NBA2K19, please fill in the following information:

1.To ensure that Duration Auction as accurate as possible, the best time is greater than 24 hours.

2.Please complete the payment as soon as possible after fill right the transaction information to ensure that the time is correct you enter.

3.If you are purchasing more than 100K, please post two or more players due to one card max buy out is 100K.


4.If you buy more than 100K, such as 1000K, please put the other 9 players' details(like name, rating, start price) to Comment/Problem, when we got it, we will send you ASAP. You can also send us the pictures of the cards and order number.



Five steps to get lower prices and more MT

1.Once you registered on DVDJ, you can get 1% discount at once and the discount will grow every time you buy, the top discount now is 6%! (this member discount can combine with 5% coupon, so total you can get 11% the top!)

2.If you can follow our Twitter or FB, we will deliver 10% extra MT to you for the first order. (If you follow both of them, you will get 10% extra for your first and second order.)

3. If you can help me leave a 5 stars comment in this site: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.dvdj.com, as a reward. we will help you upgrade your account level in our site that can bring you the 3% off from now (maximum discount is 6%).

4.If you can buy 500K at one time, we will give you extra 50K, if you buy 1000K at one time, we will give you 150K!

5.If you recommend one friend come to buy at DVDJ, we will give you 50K mt, 2 people for 100K, the more, the better, no matter how much they buy.


 Normally, we will deliver it within half an hour, and the latest time is less than 24h. As long as you send us the correct player info pic and order No., we will deliver it immediately. If you have not received the goods after 24h, please contact us again, Thank you!


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