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How to get started with MyTeam in NBA 2K20

Hold your currency, but sell cards

Don't even think about being a collector early on. None of those collector rewards are going to be even close to obtainable if your team is bad, and you can't compete with better players to earn more VC and NBA2K20MT. Ignore the voice that is telling you to keep that 79 overall DeAndre Jordan when you have an 80 overall Marc Gasol starting already. You can always get DJ later, but the currency is valuable to you now. 

Likewise, don't just sell cards to buy packs for the sake of opening them. If you have a decent lineup and want to try for a good pull, go for it. But otherwise, you should save that currency and build up to buying cards individually. That way, you know what you are getting and can plan your future team around those players.

If you like how Kemba Walker plays, hold your money to get him and start trying to find supplementary players in the meantime. That Marc Gasol card sure does make a good pick and roll option for Kemba, so sell DJ, and you are on your way. It is almost a guarantee you will end up getting a duplicate while pulling from packs later anyways.

Contracts and Equipment

This is pretty self-explanatory, but 2K has contracts for every player card you get. Once a player uses up all of their contracts, they need to get more before you can add them back to your roster. This is an annoyance, but not too hard to get around.

If you end up opening a lot of packs, you are bound to have spares lying around, but if you don't, make sure to have a secondary lineup ready. Even if you end up selling some of your decent players to help fund your starting lineup, always make sure you have a secondary team in the wings ready in case of emergencies.

And much like how contracts work, there are pieces of equipment like shoes, wristbands, and other things like that players can wear to get bonuses in attributes and occasional boosts to their badges. This is an easy way to make a bad player slightly better in times of need.

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