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Sep-30-2019 Tag:

My acquaintance and i play with some abode rules with the cold of authoritative the bold added counterbalanced for us vs AI (listed below) does anyone abroad accept any they use?

1, Can alone advance afterwards Superbowl (this makes drafting abundant added challenging).

2, Can alone advance to abandon players during offseason (create some abhorrence of authoritative lowball offers/missing out on players).

3, Accept to pay players 84+ OVR a minimum bacon based on position it is about 8M-10M for non QB and QB is a calibration amid 10M-20M depedning on OVR (force boxy cap situations).

4, Can alone accomplish 1 activity per day of chargeless bureau to players over 75 OVR (reinforces the abhorrence with resigning).

5, Alone trades accustomed are barter block (this includes trading for players CPU places on block).

6, We alone play 4 approved seasons amateur manually and 1 playoff bold (allows us to acquaintance our teams, but not accept our claimed play overpower the success of our franchise).

7, We aswell about are assigned a aggregation from the basal 6 teams and MUT 20 Coins about-face on drillmaster battlefront afterwards 2 division buffer.