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MyTEAM is an absorbing abstraction for a bold mode, and it seems complete in theory. Who doesn't wish to yield an all-legend aggregation and pit it up adjoin addition fable aggregation in Unlimited? Or yield some aggregate of 3 of your best players and see how they'd do in a added accidental match? However, this approach is torn by a amount of factors which 2K accept banned to abode aback MyTEAM aboriginal started accepting absorption and accepting updates.

# Awful Matchmaking

Matchmaking is AWFUL in MyTEAM. The all-embracing artisan is in fact torn in Unlimited and needs a aloft rework. All-embracing cheesing abandoned exists because the bold abandoned takes the amount into account, which doesn't plan if someone's put 5 opals in the starting calendar and the blow of the aggregation is bronze. 2K needs to do bigger and yield everyone's specific cards into account. If you accept a aggregation with all opals and a brownish bench, you'll be akin up with a aggregation of somewhat-close to that aforementioned nature, ideally. This would mostly actualize fairer matchups for the Christmas noobs and big bargain scrubs that just bought the bold and don't accept a god-squad assembled.

# Ridiculously Awful Servers

This doesn't charge to be addressed too heavily, as it's a lot of of what this sub's been accusatory about for the endure brace months. However, if there's one affair I'm ailing of, it's aggravating to buy out a agenda in the bargain abode and seeing "another user has bought out this auction" over and over and over again. If it's not that, it's the servers breaking down if redeeming a locker cipher and accepting the a lot of able agenda from the drop: the Galaxy Opal Error Code. And if you acquaint 2K that your cipher for a "guaranteed" amateur didn't plan because the servers are dog shit, they appear aback at you with "better luck next time!" They've aswell started adage to delay for codes as if it's OUR accountability that their servers couldn't handle the arrival of players acquired by putting the bold up for $2.99. This is, in a lot of basal terms, complete bullshit. We shouldn't accept to accord with after-effects of 2K's asinine decisions for the sole ambition of money.

# Aggregation Building Should Be Easier (And Amount Less)

Building a aggregation in this approach is in fact godawful. You accept to absorb a acceptable 50 bucks to accept a starting calendar that can compete, and afresh addition 100 to accept a full, aggressive team. This is not fine. I'm not allurement for chargeless blush diamonds every added week, but I would at atomic like to accept a somewhat-competitive aggregation from the alpha instead of adverse god squads with an all-sapphire aggregation at best. This aswell collides with the matchmaking issue.

# The Way Attributes On 99 OVR Cards Are Fabricated Is Godawful

88 accessible three and speedboost with a shoe on opal Shaq. Do I charge to say annihilation else? These centers that accept abandoned approved to shoot buzzer-beaters get crazily top 3 point attributes, and for whatever reason, can aswell dribble. I'm able with an opal Dirk accepting able to accomplish shots at a top rate. To an extent, I'm aswell able with opal Yao Ming accepting able to shoot aback he in actuality had a acceptable jumpshot in absolute life. But David Robinson accepting unstoppable from the arc? Hakeem Olajuwon accepting able to bonfire consistently? In fact not. No. Which doesn't even accede that some of these centers can even be accustomed the adeptness to speedboost. All cards should accept weaknesses, even Galaxy Opals. 2K doesn't accept this, and it makes Opals far too baffled to the point area you can't even exhausted them.

# Cheese Needs To Be Fixed

I could go all day on this one, but that would yield up addition 47 curve and this column would be best than it already is, so instead I'll just sum it up: arena basketball ailing should not be rewarded. It should be beat and punished. You shouldn't be able to run aback and alternating above the arc, cull up, and accomplish the attempt consistently. That would be absurd in absolute life, and it shouldn't be accessible in 2K.

I feel like these are some things that mt 2k20 bare to be said and listed for all to see, and there are allegedly some I missed, but these are the issues I feel are a lot of important for a acceptable MyTEAM mode.