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Jan-26-2019 Tag:

Dear customer,

If you purchased in our site. There are several questions need you to confirm:


Q1:Do you turn off 2-step verification? Yes or No?

If you don’t, we can’t deliver successfully. Please turn off it.


Q2: Please tell me when did you open in-game shop last time? we have to ensure the security of your account first.


Q3:If you don’t make sure the time, please tell me do you open in-game shop within 10 days? (If you answer Q2, please ignor this question)


If you give me a wrong answer, the delivery won’t be successful, which cause a loss for us. And we will delay your order.

Don’t worry, if you can make sure what we asked, we will deliver to you 100%! BTW, please don’t change your account and password. If you change it, please email me as soon as possible. After the first delivery, you will know the procedure, thanks for your understanding very much!



Due to ubisoft's policy, everyone have to meet the following requests, we will deliver soon:

1. Please make sure you didn't purchase anything from Ubisoft store during last 10 Days( Even click on any in-game purchase ). It is not only about Rainbow six Siege, but also for any Ubisoft games.  

2. Please confirm if the status of credits purchase were blocked in your store. If it shows blocked, please don't buy credits here.

3. 16000 credits can only be recharged every 10 days. If you want to purchase multiple 16000 credits pack, once we recharged the first 16000 pack,  you need to wait 10 days more before next purchase.