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In-game mall has been more and more popular in the world, a growing number of companies in the world is advancing with The Times the development of it, now more and more websites appear in front of the customer now, There is no doubt DVDJ service has been competitive and challenge in the world, Then why more and more people choose the DVD to buy MT, there are several elements are worth sharing with all of the following people.

Attractive price

DVDJ strives to provide high guaranteed game currency and item prices every day. At the same time, we are also comparing with other websites sell NBA 2k19 MT, and we are trying our best to make our prices lower than their prices.

We never let the buyer down, always create the biggest discount to give the customer the biggest benefit. This is why many buyers of NBA 2k19 buy MT from us and continue to take their friends to our website buy anything they want.

They know that no one can offer the price and service like we are doing. 


Instant payment

We never tried to delay any purchase of MT for a while. After the payment is completed, Customer would receive an email from DVDJ and get the order No. Please send it to us and player card information, the delivery man can usually be completed within 20 minutes. We have a mature team, so please feel free to buy MT from DVDJ, you will know its payment is safe and reliable!


Security guarantees

Many of DVDJ's new friends might worry about the security of the site, and some friends may doubt the credibility of our website. DVDJ can guarantee that our website is 100% legal and all security verification has passed. When you got any question about gout order or deliver, we will provide 24-hour service if you any problems of your order, you can contact us Live Chat(24h)



So you don't need to worry about any security problems.


Good service

DVDJ customer service team, every worker was trained professionally after they entered our company. We would teach our staff how to treat any problem when they meet.


If you have any question when purchasing an MT order, please feel free to contact our Twitter and customer service to get a quick and professional answer.Until you receive the order, you can come to us no matter what problem you encounter, our service aim is friendly, polite and patient. All in all, Welcome more and more people are welcome to join the DVDJ family! https://www.dvdj.com/